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ProHCM Is Here

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ProHCM Is Here

Since February 2001, it has been our vision to help employers help their employees develop better work-life balance and be happier at work and/or at home. If you are going to work hard to get through life I guess you deserve to be happy. I often tell the story of an employee of mine, a 23-year-old single mother, who one day called me crying because she could not get to work. Her car did not pass inspection because her tires were bald, and she did not have the $500 for new tires. I proceeded to give her my credit card to buy new tires so she could get to work. I imagine my father, who with my mother, raised seven kids and often worked three jobs six and a half days a week, had his share of stressful days, though he did not show it. And I wonder if he had an outlet when things got tough. He did this for 40 years. I don’t know how he did it.

I am not telling this story to let you know how nice a guy I am because I know this type of story plays out regularly in businesses across America. The bigger story is that most employers know that employee happiness and stress impacts productivity. And as an employer you hate to see hard working dedicated employees struggle to make it through a day.

Using our knowledge of the HR technology space our initial idea was to help employers find and then implement web-based systems to simplify the administration of their Payroll, HR, and Benefits while expanding employee self-service. This would free up time in HR, enabling staff to work more strategically and have more time for their employees. Over the past 15 years we have helped over 1000 employers find and implement HR technology solutions.

Over that time, we somewhat strayed from our initial vision. We slowly became a technology consulting business and not a business that actually helped the end employee create better work-life balance. Today the term being used is employee “well-being”. While many employers were buying technology with good intentions, many of them did not have the capacity to leverage the technology in a meaningful way. They may have improved HR operations to a degree but the outcomes had fallen way short of their goals. The technology was supposed to be a means to the end but it became the end.

The opportunity to leverage technology to improve internal processes so that HR can work more strategically while creating a more engaging work environment is now greater than ever. HR technology has improved significantly. The number of vendors providing products and services in the HR area has expanded. And the daily use of mobile technology by individuals has exploded. However, the challenges for employers in the HR area are also greater as more laws, a more complex workforce, and emerging technologies have made HR even more chaotic with even less time available for change. An employer may also be working with 10-20 vendors to manage some part of HR or to provide some product or service to manage employees or for the benefit of employees.

Employees are also more financially strapped with large college loans, increased health care costs, some still suffering from the housing crisis, and flat wages. For many things are worse not better.

In 2015 we decided to re-focus our business and return to our initial vision, but this time we are doing it a little different. We carefully studied the market and problem and developed a step by step program that combines market leading technologies with “white glove” local and centralized services with the focus on delivering great outcomes. We also brought in experts with a broad range of skills and developed other relationships with professionals in markets across the country who share the vision. Our new organization is called ProHCM.

The goal of ProHCM professionals is to bring harmony to HR for both the employer and employees. You + our professionals + technology, all working in synch, can create a great HR experience for employers and employees. And maybe we can make a difference in someone’s day.

So join us to create some Happy Days!

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