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How Optimizing Your HCM Technology Can Boost Employee Engagement

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How Optimizing Your HCM Technology Can Boost Employee Engagement

Advancements in HCM technology have created an incredible opportunity for employers to automate business processes that once consumed so much of their time and resources. Unfortunately, it is not always obvious just how far the capabilities of such systems extend. Far too many are missing out on the opportunities that exist to better leverage their HCM technology to enhance employee engagement.

The Challenge

All too often, we see an employer implement a comprehensive system with a full-range of HCM capabilities, such as ADP, and then only use it to process payroll and track employee time and attendance. In other cases, we see an employer who attempts to utilize all of their system’s features by uploading HR forms or critical benefits enrollment information, but fall short when it comes to engaging their employees with the system. Either way, the result is the same - disappointment, stemming from a lack of desired outcomes that is then attributed to a failure on the technology’s part. The truth is, the way in which most employers are using their systems is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of capability, and they’re struggling to see what more lies below. 

The Value of Employee Engagement

Imagine, as an employer, having the ability to log into a single, online portal and give your employees everything they may need relating to their job. You’re able to pay them, approve time off requests, administer health benefits, provide company policy information, provide information on career growth and continued education opportunities, make an important announcement, share an update, and so much more. Now, imagine that your employees log into this portal once a year to enroll in benefits, and occasionally throughout the year to view a pay stub or request a vacation.  Harnessing the full value of your technology system is a two-way street, so to be successful, employees must be engaged with the system from day one and maintain that engagement year-round. 

Engaged employees are crucial to the success of any organization for a number of reasons. When employees are engaged, we see an increase in productivity, a decrease in presenteeism and turnover, and an improved company culture.  What if everyday, an employee was to sit down at their desk with a cup of coffee, check their email, and then log into your online portal to see what’s new with the company because they are genuinely interested in what they will find when they get there? One day they may find an article with new and relevant industry information, the next day they may be alerted to a change in the company handbook, the following day there may be a video on different meditation techniques they can use to de-stress throughout the work day, or maybe they want to submit a form detailing a life event change. The possibilities are endless, but the end goal is the same. Once you’ve optimized your system’s capabilities, you’ll no longer have to imagine or ask yourself “what if?” 

Consider also, how advanced employee self service will positively impact your organization's HR team. Employees that are better engaged and utilizing self-service resources are often able to answer their own questions or concerns. This, in turn, provides critical HR staff with more time to focus on developing strategies and managing employee performance - time that they would previously spend addressing simple, yet tedious employee requests. When employees are engaged and empowered, productivity growth is inevitable, and everyone benefits, as a result. 

What This Means for Benefits Enrollment 

Every year at this time, employers begin to think about the benefits enrollment process and how to simplify it for success. A successful benefits enrollment period means that employees have a full understanding of the benefits offered to them and are able to confidently make a selection based on what they feel is best for them and their family. An engaging employee portal becomes even more crucial at a time when employers will likely be seeking the tools and information to help them make this important decision, and can easily lead to a cycle of engagement.  That should mean that your employees have easy access to all the information about their benefits options including who to contact with questions, videos about the enrollment options and decision support tools to help guide them to the right benefit choices. If an employee is not already engaged with the portal on a regular basis, an enjoyable enrollment experience could motivate them to do so.

While this may all sound too good to be true, it’s absolutely possible, and hopefully, that will come as a relief to those employers that feel let down by their current technology system. Before you abandon the system you have for what may seem like a better solution, take a closer look at the capabilities and then take a step back to see how the possibilities they offer might contribute to the bigger picture. 


To learn more about how to optimize your HCM technology platform and see how other employers are using their own technology for increased employee engagement, view a recording of our 30-minute webinar on this topic. 

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