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Creating A Better World In HR

About ProHCM

ProHCM is a Human Capital Management technology and services company that is focused on transforming the HR experience by combining market-leading technology and centralized Human Capital Management services from experts, delivered through local HR and Benefits Consulting Partners. At ProHCM, we realize the importance of employee well-being and strive to help employers prioritize the needs of their employees by simplifying the HR process and creating a world of HR without limits.

Our Professionals

ProHCM was founded on the belief that the current infrastructure of product and service providers in the HR-Benefits-Payroll (HCM) areas is not aligned with what is needed to help employers leverage new web and mobile technologies to better serve a changing workforce.

We have created an all-star team of HCM technology and services experts with skills that “challenge the status quo” by bringing new ideas and solutions to employers, dramatically changing the way HR is viewed, administered, and engaged by employees. Each member of our team came to ProHCM with the belief that there is a better way, many having left the comfort of larger national organizations where forward thinking was not part of their culture and change was slow. This belief is what drives our professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes for your organization.

Our experts have skills in the following areas:

HCM Technology

Benefits Administration

Payroll Management

HR Services

HTML Programming

Compliance Services

Employee Engagement