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Engage Your Employees
They Will Say, "WOW!"

Do you use a technology solution for HR, enrollment or payroll but struggle with employee interaction? We can help.

By re-imagining how employees experience technology, ProHCM extends the system you already use with new and different layout options, more detailed messaging, and interactive graphics or buttons that help the employee navigate throughout the system to find the content that matters most to them while helping them make better decisions.

More complete design customization services transform the employee experience. Detailed messaging can ease the uncertainty created by health care reform. Fully customized tools and resources can engage employees where and when they choose their health and welfare benefits - right inside market leading employee self-service platforms you are already using.

Customized Content

Promote your brand. 

With a consistent message and tone through more complete design customization services transform the employee experience and improve your company culture.

Web and Mobile

Provide 24/7 access.

As more people use smartphones and tablets on a daily basis, customizing content for mobile allows employees to adapt to various working environments.

Decision Support

Place education over uncertainty.

With fully customized tools and resources, now you can engage employees with tools that promote education over uncertainty.

Improve Productivity

Promote employee self-service.

Customization can extend the system you already use to help employees navigate the system and find the content that matters most.