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Expand Your Employee Benefits
Improve Your Corporate Culture

So you have a talented workforce, and you spend time and resources to keep them productive. But every employee is different - some may have a sick parent or child, some are struggling with their finances, or they may simply have a car that keeps breaking down and not enough money to get a new one. ProHCM helps employers solve these problems with expanded benefits to create a more productive workplace and happier corporate culture.

From physical, emotional and financial fitness to wellness, child and elder care and even short term loans, extended benefits in a worklife and make the homelife happier and healthier - while improving productivity.

More Options

Provide benefits for a changing workforce.

Add benefits that promote emotional, financial and physical fitness, like daycare services, short term loans, employee discounts and wellness programs.

Healthier Employees

A healthy employee is a happy employee. 

Online resources help employees create work-life balance. Additional services promote and support physical, mental, and financial wellness.

Address Worries

Improve productivity.

Educational tools help employees understand their benefits so they can balance their work lives and personal lives so that employers can have a more productive workforce.

Delegate HCM Processes

Focus on your core business.

ProHCM Advisors handle complex situations like HR, benefits and payroll administration services to reduce obstacles to high performance while increasing organizational optimization.