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Optimize Your HCM Technology
Make It Work For You

In today's market, HR technology solutions are advertised as a magic fix for every aspect of the HR professional's day. In reality, they are only a single component of a larger system—and simply integrating one is often not enough. At ProHCM, we conduct a detailed evaluation of your current setup, identify the gaps that exist, and work with you to either optimize your current solution(s), or identify the right mix of new technology to fully address your goals and pain points.

No More Paper


Once process are automated, organizations can eliminate paper forms through streamlined communications and enhanced employee self service.

Accurate Data

Worry Free

Our optimizing audit program finds inefficiencies, corrects data and process leaks, customizes platforms, and maintains your HR harmony so your company can move forward.

Reduced Administrative Tasks


Our HCM Advisors identify obstacles to high performance and increase organizational optimization with programs designed to reduce risk, eliminate errors and drive employee engagement and cost containment.

Easier to Manage

Cost Control

Redundant systems and tasks are centralized so that these services are delivered efficiently and at a lower cost.

ProHCM has deep expertise in the HR technology space, and experience working with all major vendors. However, we are not beholden to any one software or solution, and so are able to act as a truly objective advisor to our clients. The ProHCM difference is that we can help you identify the right technology for your organization’s unique needs, with no conflict of interest.