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New Employee Benefits Solutions That Can Change The Game Today
This webinar session provides a new perspective on the benefits market and delivers new solutions to employers and employees that can make a real difference IMMEDIATELY.

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The Future of Employee Benefits – A Different Perspective
This forward-thinking webinar draws a different view of the benefits world. This webinar session presents a future of employee benefits that few in the industry are imagining today.

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Latest Webinar Demonstration

In Case You Missed It:  The Modern Benefits Agency Management System - A Demonstration of What Is Possible Today


The second in a series of presentations designed to give you a new perspective on the future of benefits along with an action plan to grow your business, we showed attendees a DEMONSTRATION of tools and technology that will WOW you.

And now you can see a live, personal demonstration of the system for yourself.

At ProHCM we have moved beyond the discussion and are taking action. Leveraging our knowledge of the the technology market, we have built a platform that can move a benefits firm years ahead technologically from where most are today. This can improve operational efficiency while enabling a benefits firm to provide capabilities to their clients that few offer.

The Demonstration includes:

  • Policy Management
  • Prospect Sales Dashboard
  • Commission Tracking
  • Servicing with Reporting on Service
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing
  • Client Communications
  • Online Service Portal including Live Chat
  • Benefits and HR System Integration
  • Business Analytics
  • LinkedIn Integration
  • MiEdge Integration with Live 5500 data
  • Web – Mobile - Tablet
  • And much more...

This webinar is the “show and tell” for benefits brokers. This will WOW you, we promise.