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Case Study - Employee Portal Customization

Client Profile

Client is a 100% employee-owned company that outsources flexible material converting and end-product contract manufacturing. Their key business goal is to partner with innovative companies and get their products into the marketplace ahead of the competition.

Executive Summary

Client was looking to implement a new HRIS with the capabilities to support a comprehensive and all-inclusive employee portal that would foster engagement and reinforce company culture. Their main objective was to create the ideal "employee experience."


In mid-2016, our client made the decision to upgrade their HRIS and began their search for a new system that could not only handle and streamline their HR and business processes, but could function as a one stop employee engagement portal. Being an entirely employee-owned company, they understood the value of investing considerably in their people and the impact that has on all aspects of the organization. With a clear vision in mind, but unable to execute it independently, our client sought out assistance in bringing their vision to fruition.

Our first priority at the outset of this project was gaining a full and clear understanding of exactly what our client was looking for in a new system and their expectations for the end result. These were their requirements:

  • To maintain consistency across multiple office locations, both nationally and globally, and improve self-sufficiencies for each• All-in-one, user-friendly portal – important information easily accessible, no need to remember multiple logins, mobile compatibility, etc.
  • Reflect the unique culture of an employee owned company
  • Increase transparency by making all necessary employee information available, eliminating mistrust or feelings that anything is being kept hidden
  • Streamline proficiency and decrease unnecessary transactions
  • Create an unparalleled employee experience that makes the user feel valued and excited about their role in the organization
  • Visually stimulating with the ability to add various types of engaging content (images, videos, article links, etc.)

Once we had identified our client’s needs, we began the process of selecting, implementing, and optimizing their new HRIS.


By the end of 2016, we had narrowed down the pool of technology vendors, ultimately settling on ADP as the appropriate selection for our client’s new system, and commenced the implementation process. For many employers, these initial stages are both first and final because they fail to see the value in optimizing their new technology and all its capabilities. In this case, however, we were really just getting started.

Together with our client, we began to conceptualize and build out the level of tool that could deliver what they were seeking. We worked very closely to develop the ideal employee portal, discussing overall look, layout, what type of content would be included and where, among other various details. The customization process took roughly 4-6 weeks, and remained a team effort throughout, ensuring that we were consistently on the same page as our client and that they were getting exactly what they wanted.

The final phase of this and every HRIS optimization project is the provision of continued support to the client as they adapt to using the portal and begin rolling it out to the rest of their organization for its intended purpose. As with any new technology or protocol, it takes a certain period of time to get everything running smoothly and everyone onboard, and we consider this to be just as much of a priority as the earliest steps of the project. While our long-term goal is to give our clients the tools necessary to master their technology, allowing them to make additions and alterations to their system as needs change, we also want them to feel secure in knowing that they have our continued support.


The response from our client has been extremely positive. As we mentioned at the outset of this case study, due to years of experience in HR, our client had a clear vision of what they wanted from their technology, and simply needed outside help executing that vision. According to the feedback we received from our client, we were able to achieve their desired results and were proficient in understanding and interpreting their needs. Our client was very pleased with the level of hands on support throughout the course of the project, and felt that their key requirement, which was to create an immersive and user-friendly employee experience that reflected the unique employee-owned nature of their company, was realized. Even with some past ADP experience, our client feels that they never would have been able to achieve similar results on their own.

A major take away for us from this project is that seeing is believing. In this case, our client was able to provide us with a lot of knowledge regarding their desired outcomes. They were able to visualize what was possible and see the value in that. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with every employer. In fact, upon sharing the results of this project, our client informed us that many people were “awed by it.” This shows us that our job goes beyond simply implementing a technology system or building out an employee portal, and becomes opening the minds of employers to what is possible and the opportunity that provides. We look forward to seeing the continued effect it has on employees and the organization.