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Implementation and service excellence designed for employers deploying ADP

Do you use ADP for HR, enrollment or payroll but struggle with administration? We can help. Since we are part of ADP’s Platinum Service Team, our clients can now access ADP experts during and after system implementation. We have added a wide range of supporting services around ADP to support our clients, from implementation to renewal.

We are now part of ADP’s Platinum Service Team

Our clients now have access to ADP experts during and after system implementation. The Platinum Team delivers:

  • Pre-Sale Diagnostic - In our diagnostic we are analyzing processes, compliance risk, ways to drive employee engagement and cost containment for your clients.
  • Dedicated Implementation Team - ADP’s most senior implementers trained in all areas of HCM compliance. Average Tenure is 9 years
  • Internal Service Team - If you ever need an escalation path, now you have an ADP insider to go to for ADP service needs.
  • Health Care Reform - Access to ADP’s compliance tools


We have added a wide range of supporting services around ADP to support our clients.

Implementation Support

  • Basic Implementation Support
    • Client Advocacy 
    • Refine Requirements 
    • Facilitate Collaboration 
    • Participate in Project Calls 
    • Organize Client Deliverables 
    • Configure Testing
  • Enhanced Implementation Support
    • Develop Communication Materials for Employee Rollout
    • Employee How-tos
    • Utilization Best Practices 
    • Coaching 
    • System Admin. Assistance 
    • Identify key reports needed 
    • Workflows

Post-Implementation Support

  • HR/Benefits Module Enhancements
    • System Configuration
    • System Testing
    • Report Configuration
    • System Utilization Best Practices Training
  • Employee Self Service
    • Workflow Review
    • Employee Onboarding
    • Online Enrollment Streamlining
    • Decision Support
    • Customized Content
    • Mobile Access
    • Self-Service Training
  • Ongoing System Support
    • Administration
    • Renewal Management
    • Build Workflows & Alerts
    • Design and Manage Reports
  • Managed Payroll – Perform many of the functions typically performed by internal payroll staff. Such as:
    • Prepare Payroll Data to Prepare Hourly Payroll
    • Process Expense Reimbursements, Commissions & Bonusess
    • Manage Security Profiles
    • Prepare Pro-rated Pay for Mid-Cycle Hires 
    • Prepare severance payments 
    • Setup, Adjust, Configure Deductions  
    • Setup Garnishments & Liens 
    • Review Payroll Preview & Verify Accuracy 
    • Process Tax Notices Generate 
    • General Ledger Files 
    • Generate Payroll Reports 
    • End of Year Reporting

Renewal Support

  • Benefit and Cost Change Communication to Employees
  • System Modifications of Plan and Cost Changes
  • System Testing for Accuracy
  • Carrier Interaction for Open Enrollment