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Offer Choices with a Private Health Insurance Exchange

A Private Health Insurance Exchange presents employees with benefits choices and helps them make purchasing decisions based on defined contributions and level-of-benefits needs. Employees choose the health benefits that match their health style....and budget. Keep costs down while offering competitive benefit options.


Defined contributions allow employers to lock in their
budgets year after year.

Employees fully understand the cost of their benefits and get to choose the health benefits that match their health style and budget.


There is no such thing as generic health insurance. With a Private Health Insurance Exchange, your employees pick and choose options and plans to fit their own personalized levels of care.

Tell your employees how much they have to spend.
Your defined contribution level “gives” employees money to shop for the health plans they need.

Employees select benefits.
The Private Health Insurance Exchange platform walks employers though decision tools based on need and budget, including carriers on a regional basis.

We provide superior service.

We provide the people and tools to help guide administrators and consumers through the process. Employees can access decision support tools and a highly personalized and friendly call center. We help employers set up your defined contribution program, benchmark your benefits, enable easy and secure access to data and more.