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Ensuring that employees get paid on time and without error is arguably one of the most important tasks performed within any business. It can also be a complex and time-consuming process that requires access to sensitive employee information, which is why the option to outsource payroll processes is becoming increasingly more appealing to employers. Whether you are seeking to ensure accuracy, maintain confidentiality, or simply free up time to spend on other important business matters, our Managed Payroll solution is for you. We perform all the necessary payroll functions previously carried out by your team, and you eliminate the risk and worry that typically goes along with payroll administration.

Payroll Management Services

  • Payroll Data Preparation (Prep Reports Reviewed, including Employee Changes, Inactive Employees with Pay, etc.)
  • Hourly Payroll (Time Card Exception Report, Missing Approvals and Missing Time Reviewed)
  • Expense Reimbursement, Commission, Bonus and Auto Reimbursement Processing
  • Prorated Pay Preparation for Mid-Cycle Hires
  • Severance Payment Preparation
  • Deduction Setup, Adjustment and Configuration
  • Garnishment and Lien Setup
  • Prior to Submission Payroll Review and Verification
  • Tax Notice, Rate Change and Adjustment Processing
  • Defined Contribution File Reconciliation
  • General Ledger File Generation
  • Payroll Report Generation
  • Labor Report Preparation
  • Ad-Hoc Report Preparation for Audit, Compliance and Business Planning
  • End of Year Reporting, Adjustment Processing and Reconciliation
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